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It's late. Or early. Whichever the case may be, it means you get a posting from yours truly!

For those of you who are spiritually inclined (not me, I'm retarded!), my heart has not been in the right places of late, and perhaps a bit of prayer for guidance is in order; however, I don't want to give out details as it would make me feel the most uncomfortable.

I just released someone from my friends circle for the second and last time, and to be honest I'm feeling strangely fine about it. If I hear back from him tomorrow I'll just tell him that I tried to tell him beforehand, but he wasn't responding so I gave up. This time, though, I don't expect a response. I just hate that there'll be a grudge against me but personally I feel a lot better about giving him up. He made me tie myself in knots.

Took a trip to see friends this weekend, made me feel semi-okay. I don't ever feel like I'll be the same again, generally speaking.

You know how driving long-ish distances can give you some good ideas? I think I want surprise my mother with a visit on Mother's Day. We'll see how that works out.

I hope you all are well and take the time to write.

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 I should get moving. Staff meeting in an hour and change.

I'm nervous. Really nervous.

Why is asking for help almost like a death wish? Don't answer that; it's rhetorical.

I wonder if the dreams that I've had lately (which I've been meaning to post about) are related to all this retardation.

Okay, time to jump head first into the vagina of the beast! Apologies to those that are easily squicked or offended by the imagery here, but you should know me and my colorfulness by now.

See some of you in a week and a half.

P.S. Why is the nervous icon on the default moods an 'O' face?

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Okay for cereal. I forgot to post about this on Friday, but...

Another of [info]flainfalcon's cousins shat on my car. I know what you're thinking. Birds shat on cars all the time, what's new? Well, let me tell you a little something about this particular instance.

This particular bird has to have disappeared from the face of the earth because it did not take a dump, it shit-sploded for lack of a better, more descriptive term. There was BACKSPLATTER both up and down the hood and glass of my car. How the hell does a bird do THAT?

Yo Flain, have you filed a missing avian's report yet?

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 Feeling jealous about certain things, nervous (with borderline anxiety) about others, and totally not really in a place to be justified to do either. Let's call it PAR FOR THE COURSE.

Most of my recent dreams have involved either riding on a school bus or being involved with my old high school in some way. Sometimes my current group of friends make an appearance, some times it's like retro memory theater with old high school acquaintances the stars of the show. Don't ask me what this means, I'd love to know the answer myself.

Also, I don't know WHY my upstairs neighbors feel the need to have to keep moving shit around and whacking the walls with a hammer at odd times of the day. It sounds like they're trying to climb up stairs, which is dumb considering all the units in this complex are built to take up only a single floor.

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 Okay, so now that I'm over the idiotic nonsense that was polluting my Twitter account this morning as well as done dealing with the stupid c-word that gives the true professionals in my line of work a bad name in between said twats, I am now happy to report that the sun is shining and it's beautiful outside. I've even got the office window cracked open to let the breeze in, seeing as how there is someone on my side of the building that wants to relive their dream of being in Florida. Wondermas, I tell you. 

I wish I was an advocate for outdoors activities, because if I were, this would be the weekend to partake in them.

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 Call me a hypocrite, but I don't want to see your nasty tweets about what the hell you want to do to your supposed imaginary sexual partner broadcasted all over my Twitter page. What's worse? You're making multiple tweets about it; use a blogging service for that kinda material instead. 

Don't show me your dirty business publically, I don't show you mine that way.

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 Okay so there's these three old fat Southern ladies who seem to be friends with one another merrily jaw flapping away in our office's lobby.

Whack me if I don't have Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants crossed in my head right now.
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